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Below we have listed some of the most common questions we get regarding our services. If you have another questions feel free to contact us here

If fast results are needed, then a pay-per-click advertising programming will be included in your custom marketing campaign.
As far as local SEO or standard SEO, the results will vary widely depending on what previous SEO work. The authority of your competitors and your budget will also play into the time it will take to get the desired rankings. In many cases being able to spend more in the first month or two will shorten the time it takes to dominate your competition. 
The typical time for a local business running a campaign on a moderate monthly budget will see decent results in as little as 3-6 months. I free consultation would help to give you a much better estimate.

We have basic websites that start at $750 and go up from there

Marketing campaigns start at $500 per month and go up from there. The $500 per month campaign would be local-only and could take six months or more to see the results you are looking for. Most local business campaigns run in the $1,500-$2,000 per month range with some initial PPC marketing to get the phones ringing quickly as an ad-don.

If you are in a highly competitive market like bail bonds, dentists, attorneys, and insurance, then you will need a much larger budget. 

Getting one of our free consultations would give you a lot more insight into the cost to get the results you want. We tailor a marketing strategy to meet your needs and budget and can provide you expected results based upon that budget.

There are no long term commitments when you hire us. We do a month to month billing mainly because we feel that we should only be charging our customers for the services they are receiving. 
Every month we will send you a report showing the results from the previous months and discuss the goals of the next campaign. As you gain authority in your market, through organic search, we can often reduce your marking costs to sustain you. Often, business owners will agree to shift the campaign to another form of marketing like social media, to build brand awareness and tap into new markets.

While having your website is often the best longterm solution to securing a consistent digital presence, you can still market you without it. We offer lead generation services where we invest in websites and direct lead to you on a call lead basis. Another option has a properly optimized Google My Business listing to generate leads. While having a great website is the best approach, it may not be in everyone’s budget initially.

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