SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process used to optimize the website and increase its rankings within the search engine results. On-page tactics target content by the specific use of keywords and phrases and text used in your website content. Off-page tactics target link building. The goal of both tactics is to increase your website traffic and increase conversions.

By using sophisticated algorithms utilizing hundreds of various factors, search engines can rank websites to answer search queries. Here a few of the significant ranking factors the search engines use:

Keywords – Search engines use “spiders” or bots to crawl your web pages and determine what the page’s content is providing. The information gathered will help determine how well that particular page will answer a searchers query for a specific search. The main factor here is the words used within the content and how they relate to a users query.

Linking – There are three types of linking – backlinking, internal linking, and external linking. All three types have particular functions and purposes for both the user experience and SEO.

Backlinking is the most talked about and the most important, especially in the Google search algorithm. A backlink is a link from another web page giving credit or signifying a valuable content source. The citation is the foundation that Google based its search algorithm.

Internal linking is linking from one web page to another on the same website. Internal linking helps provide valuable information to users that are contained on the websites as well as provide a path for crawlers to get to relevant pages.

External linking is building links on a web page that take a user to another website. These links will be backlinks to the site you are linking. These links help users find valuable information, not on your website and credit sources for content used on your website.

The importance of SEO for small businesses

People use search engines millions of times a day to find solutions for problems. The main objective of SEO is placing your web page in the results to help off answers to their queries.

Search engine optimization is essential marketing:

  • Most search engine users are likely to click on one of the top 3 results. With very few searchers moving beyond the first page. To get the most traffic, you will need your web page displayed on the first page with the top 3 results being the prized positions.
  • SEO gives users the best experience by increasing page loading speeds, answering the search query, and being easy o navigate.
  • The top results are the most trusted because users have grown to trust search results.
  • SEO will increase traffic and give more opportunities to convert those leads into a customer.

Why invest in SEO?

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of using SEO to increase their customer base. The popular use of SEO quickly separates those that are utilizing SEO from those that are not. As time goes on, only those business that is investing in SEO will rank on the first pages of search results.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

By increasing your website’s rankings, there is more opportunity for an increase in website traffic. This growth in traffic will lead to more customers and more business. Perfect for any business that needs new customers or looking to expand.

Better Conversion Rate

The ratio of website visitors (leads) that become customers is called the conversion rate. Properly run SEO campaign will target leads that have the intent to purchase the good or service offered. Taking visitor intent into consideration when performing SEO will help with conversions

Brand Awareness

Having your business show up in the top of search results for topics in your area of expertise will increase brand awareness. When you rank for several search terms in the same niche, it is referred to as an authority website. You want your brand to be the authority in your niche because it will go a long way to building trust with leads.